One of the most essential equipment in home brewing is a brew kettle. There are various types such as 3-tier system, electric kettles and brew-in-a-bag. You do not just buy any since your method of brewing and your brewing needs will determine the most suitable kettle. Your kettle should be sturdy and durable.

Consider the Size

You probably have a certain amount of beer that you want to produce in each batch. This is the reason your brew kettle should be of the most suitable size. Avoid buying a kettle that is too small for your needs but instead go for a kettle that is bigger. Having a bigger brew kettle than your needs does not mean that you will be brewing all that beer at ago.

What are the Amenities and Features?

This is another aspect of purchasing a home brew kettle. Although you can add the amenities later on, if you have the money, you should consider a kettle that has some amenities. Some of the amenities that will boost your brewing experience include a sight glass, a ball valve and a thermowell.

Choose a Quality Material

The importance of a quality material is that it will serve you for a long time to come. If you are looking for quality and price is not an issue, you should go for a stainless steel kettle brew. This is a material that will not give you issues in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

If you are cautious about the price, aluminum is a great alternative. Aluminum is a good heat conductor, it is pocket-friendly and it’s lightweight.

The Construction of Kettle

The construction of a kettle matters a lot. Poor construction does not offer flexibility. It becomes a challenge to handle the kettle. Some of the things to check in construction are the walls which should be thick while the handles should be riveted. This guarantees a sturdy brewing kettle.

Go with Your Budget

Consider your current and future needs when you are working with a budget. Buy the kettle that you need so as not to downplay your brewing needs. It’s better that you purchase a kettle that will serve you for a long time to come rather than buying a small one and you will have to replace it soon.

The reason that you should be careful when purchasing a brewing kettle is that this is an investment you are making. A quality kettle will not disappoint you as you will be making your beer in peace.

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