I have built many things in my home. But when it comes to home brewing I am going to give you a reasons why using PET bottles is the best choice for you.

You are planning to start brewing at home but you are unsure of the type of bottles to use. You have the option of traditional glasses and PET bottles. Both are ideal but the latter comes with several advantages over the former. From being affordable to being shatterproof, there are more reasons you should go for PET bottles. 

  • They Are Easy to Handle

Since PET material is lightweight, you know your bottles will be easy to handle. This is during the brewing process and also when moving from one point to the other. When glass bottles are filled, they become a challenge to move around especially when you are brewing at home. PET bottles are not only easy to handle, but also to move. 

  • They are Easy to Store

With glass bottles, you have to be extremely careful about where you are storing them. You cannot just store them anywhere they can be knocked off or on a shaky surface. This is because they can easily break and they do so into pieces. With PET bottles, you will enjoy convenience once you are done brewing. They are not fragile which means you can store them safely anywhere you wish in your home. 

  • They are Shatterproof

You have probably seen a car windscreen shatter. It did not break into pieces which is a good thing for everyone’s safety. This is the same case with PET bottles as they are shatterproof. Anything is possible and bottles could break when moving or storing them. When they break, there will be no pieces to hurt those around. Imagine stepping on a piece of glass with bare feet? You do not have to worry about this with these bottles.

  • They are Less Expensive

PET is inexpensive compared to glass bottles and thus you can buy more. Due to the fact that their other costs involved in your home brewing, you will save more on bottles that can be used in making the project a success. 

When choosing the ideal material for your home brewing bottles, you have to consider several factors that include safety, storage, handling, convenience, and presentation. You want bottles that are presentable, they are easy to handle and store, and don’t jeopardize safety. PET bottles will offer this and more. With such a choice, you can be guaranteed that you will enjoy your beer when that time comes.

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