When home brewing is mentioned, the first question that beer lovers ask is what they need to get started. It may sound impossible but with the right equipment, it is possible. The starter kit might sound pricey but it is affordable and that is the only time you will have to spend a lot while brewing. 

A Good Thermometer 

In beer production, there are the recommended temperatures in each phase. For example, the temperature should be normal which means it’s not too hot or too cold before adding the yeast. How do you measure the temperature? You can only do so with a good thermometer otherwise your easy may not be effective or good beer production will just be a dream. 


Just like commercial beers are measured, you will need a hydrometer. This is a device that will help you measure the alcohol strength in your beer and this is done after brewing is completed.

A Long-Handled Spoon

You will need a long-handled spoon in order to stir the brew comfortably. The best material for the spoon is stainless steel. Avoid spoons that are too short as you could burn your hands as well as spoons that are made of wood. A fairly long and large is the most ideal.

A Fermenter

Once you are done with brewing, you will need a fermenter to store the beer. This is where you will transfer your beer once you have made it. There are various fermenters that you can choose from.

Get a Plastic Hose and Bottle Filler

The beer should be transferred to a bottling bucket after successful fermentation. To do this, you will need a plastic hose and bottle filler. To transfer your beer to the individual bottles, you should connect the plastic hose to a siphon and bottle filler. Avoid using the hose only as it will be a challenge to transfer the beer and instead use bottle filler that makes things less messy.

Beer Bottles and Caps

Get unused bottle caps. Ensure that you sanitize your bottles before you transfer the beer into the. It’s highly advisable that you use tinted bottles to preserve the beer better. Once you have transferred the beer into the bottles you will need to fix the caps using a bottle capper.

It’s not such an easy task to make your own brew at home but when you practice, it will not be such a hard task. Ensure that your alcohol strength is as you wanted it thus have a hydrometer to measure that. Sanitizing your equipment, surfaces and hands is pretty important.

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