Using PET Bottles for Home Brewing

I have built many things in my home. But when it comes to home brewing I am going to give you a reasons why using PET bottles is the best choice for you.

You are planning to start brewing at home but you are unsure of the type of bottles to use. You have the option of traditional glasses and PET bottles. Both are ideal but the latter comes with several advantages over the former. From being affordable to being … Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Beer Ages Gracefully

Beer should be allowed to mature in particular conditions for it to achieve the required qualities. This is something that cannot happen if the aging process is not successful. Every step or process you take during home brewing will determine the end result despite the fact that beer aging is known to be from the time the beer is bottled to when it is drunk. What are the suitable conditions for aging beer?

Prevent Skunked Beer with Darkness

You do … Read more

Why you do not have to be an Expert to Brew Your Own Beer

Are you a beer drinker who is looking for a fun past time? Homebrewing is one of the best ways that you can spend your time. Besides making your own beer, you could be making some to entertain friends when they come around. Homebrewing has come a long way from when people would spend days trying to put ingredients together. Today, all you need are the ingredients and the beer making kit. 

What has Made Home Brewing Easy?

Several things … Read more

Some of the Products you will need to Start Home Brewing

When home brewing is mentioned, the first question that beer lovers ask is what they need to get started. It may sound impossible but with the right equipment, it is possible. The starter kit might sound pricey but it is affordable and that is the only time you will have to spend a lot while brewing. 

A Good Thermometer 

In beer production, there are the recommended temperatures in each phase. For example, the temperature should be normal which means it’s … Read more

What you need to know about Brewing Kettles

One of the most essential equipment in home brewing is a brew kettle. There are various types such as 3-tier system, electric kettles and brew-in-a-bag. You do not just buy any since your method of brewing and your brewing needs will determine the most suitable kettle. Your kettle should be sturdy and durable.

Consider the Size

You probably have a certain amount of beer that you want to produce in each batch. This is the reason your brew kettle should … Read more

All You Need to Know When Setting Up a Home Brewing Station

There is nothing that is more fulfilling for a beer lover than getting home and opening a bottle of cold beer they made from beginning to the end. This is the beauty of home brewing. You can pop open that bottle whenever you want. It’s a satisfying hobby and more importantly, you create the beer according to your tastes. So what do you need to set up a home brewing station?

Purchase a Kit

Before everything else, the first thing … Read more

Some of the Best Home Brewing Kit

If you are planning to start brewing your own beer at home, you need to have a home brewing kit. So what is a home brewing kit? This is a kit that will guide you in making the very first batch of beer at home. Besides the equipment, you will get ingredients such as hops, malt extracts and yeast to ensure that your first trial is successful. However, it depends on the kit that you get as there are others … Read more

Reasons you should be Brewing Your Own Beer

Most people are used to having their beers in clubs and pubs among other places. One cannot imagine brewing their beer at home although this is something that has been done for centuries. For those who make their own wine and beers at home, they know that they are using healthy ingredients.

The reason people do not brew beer at home is the fact that they have no idea where to start. However, there are many advantages to brewing your … Read more

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